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Reference Matrices
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Basket Stretchers

Titan Series (Stainless Steel)


icon PDFdowload Titan Split-Tapered Stainless Steel Basket Stretcher 11-0104A 
icon PDFdowload Titan 32 Stainless Steel Basket Stretcher 11-0102
icon PDFdowload Titan Regular Stainless Steel Basket Stretcher 11-0101A
icon PDFdowload Titan Split-Regular Stainless Steel Basket Stretcher 11-0103A
icon PDFdowload Titan Tapered Stainless Steel Basket Stretcher 11-0100A

Titan Series (Titanium)

icon PDFdowload Titan-Ti Split-Regular Titanium Basket Stretcher 11-0115SL 
icon PDFdowload Titan-Ti Titanium Basket Stretcher, Regular 11-0116SL 
icon PDFdowload Titan-Ti Titanium Basket Stretcher with Stratload, Tapered 11-0118SL 
icon PDFdowload Titan-Ti Split-Tapered Titanium Basket Stretcher with Stratload 11-0119SL

Titan-Ti (Pinnacle)

icon PDFdowload

[Confined Space/Split Apart Confined Space] Titan Ti Pinnacle Titanium Space Basket Stretcher

11-4001, 11-4001

Gazelle Series

icon PDFdowload Gazelle Stretcher, Regular 11-0105
icon PDFdowload Gazelle Tapered Basket Stretcher 11-0106
icon PDFdowload Gazelle Confined Space Basket Stretcher 11-0107
icon PDFdowload Spartan Split-Apart Basket Stretcher 11-0129T, 11-0129A 
icon PDFdowload

Bradco Stretcher System & Storage Bag

11-0123, 05-0128

icon PDFdowload Advantage Basket Stretcher with Stratload and Straps 11-0125A 
icon PDFdowload Traverse Rescue Stretcher 19-0100 
Replacement Parts
icon PDFdowload Collet Protectors 11-2006 
icon PDFdowload Traverse Rescue Pillow with Fleece Blanket EB500B, EB700YP, EB700YPC 
icon PDFdowload Basket Stretcher Patient Cover with Zip & Handles (Black/Orange OR Blue) 15-0130, 15-0131 
icon PDFdowload Traverse Rescue Stretcher Cover 05-0441 
icon PDFdowload Litter Bridles 15-0108, 15-0109 
icon PDFdowload

Basket Stretcher Handle for Titan Series and Gazelle

Sherpa Basket Stretcher Shoulder Harness

Grab and Go Handles




icon PDFdowload

Universal Stretcher Mounting Kit

Universal light for Basket Stretchers

Restraint Strap



04-0108, 04-0104 120

icon PDFdowload Traverse Flotation Collar Double Foam Log, Yellow 11-0124A 


Bags and Packs
icon PDFdowload Kigali 30, 35, 45 Litre Backpacks 20-0030, 20-0035, 20-0045 
Fanny Packs
icon PDFdowload Cirque Fanny Packs 20-0070-BK, 20-0070-RE, 20-0080-BK, 20-0080-RE, 20-0090


Patient Transport
Litter Wheels & Accessories  
icon PDFdowload

Mule II Litter Wheel with 8 Position Handles, Black

Mule II Litter Wheel, No Handles, Black

Mule I-II Litter Wheel Tie-down Straps with Hooks




icon PDFdowload

Porter Transport System

Mule/Porter Storage Bag, Black



Squadra Ski Patrol Toboggan
Rapid Intervention Team (R.I.T.) Cart  

Rescue Gear
icon PDFdowload Summit Patrol Vest 18-0066 

Arachnipod - Total Edge Management System
icon PDFdowload Arachnipod Brochure



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