Traverse Mule II Litter Wheel with 8 Position Handles, BlackTraverse Mule II Litter Wheel with 8 Position Handles, Black
The Mule II Litter Wheel is an all terrain transport solution The Mule II Litter Wheel is an all terrain transport solution Compact for easy storage

Mule II Litter Wheel

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Product Details

The Mule II Litter Wheel with an all terrain wheel, fast, simple securing system and eight position handles offers an all purpose transport solution. Greater leverage and easier carrying reduces fatigue and chance of injury.

Product Features:

  • Universal design, compatible with any type and style of rigid litter
  • Eight position adjustable handles
  • Single-wheel design is ideal for narrow trails, allows for agility, versatility and ease of movement in the roughest terrain including bogs, ruts, roots, rocks and snow
  • Large, lightweight ATV wheel offers greater tracking ability and shock absorption for smooth and comfortable patient transport
  • Fast ratchet securing system locks basket stretcher with 2 straps and 2 rubberized steel hooks/strap to cinch it down
  • New quick release pins on each side of the handle locks them into position with ease; Each pin has a wire lanyard
  • Unique uni-support design allows the wheel to be quickly and easily removed for compact storage and transport

Additional Features:

  • Compact, easy storage, not much bigger than the wheel itself
  • Capable of securing a makeshift litter made from wooden planks or logs Unlike 2-wheel designs, single wheel will not sway over obstacles or uneven ground
  • Two securing straps (2 hooks per strap) are each rated to 4.5 kN
  • (1,000 lbs.) and use a strong and durable Ratchet-Locking device easily operated in all weather conditions
  • Hooks on securing straps have a one-inch diameter opening and can be attached to any style litter

Download Detailed Information:

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